What to Expect from A Primary Care Doctor Like Nihar Gala

You’re in pain. It’s not fun, and it’s probably not going away any time soon. But there are ways to manage your pain so you can get on with your life.

Pain management may be a new concept to you, but it’s actually a very simple idea: how do you take care of yourself when the body is hurting? The answer is by taking care of the body as best you can, both physically and mentally.

Pain management can be done at home, but it can also be done with the help of a primary care medical doctor who specializes in pain management. If you have chronic pain issues, this can make all the difference in managing them effectively and efficiently!

If you have no idea where to find a doctor who can help you manage pain, then you can look for Nihar Gala. He specializes in pain management and can also help you with addiction.

The Role of A Primary Care Doctor in Pain Management

When you see your primary care doctor for pain management, they will ask you about your symptoms and how severe your pain is. They may also ask about any medications that you’re taking, or if there are any other medical conditions that could be contributing to your pain.

Nihar Gala After talking with you about your symptoms and medical history, your primary care doctor may recommend physical therapy or massage therapy as a way to treat your pain. They might also recommend medications like over-the-counter pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, or muscle relaxants. Your doctor may also prescribe stronger medications such as opioids if they think those will help control your pain better than over-the-counter drugs alone would do so.

Your primary care doctor can also work with you on ways to cope with chronic pain without medication at all—like keeping a journal of what makes it worse so that you can avoid those things when possible, practicing mindfulness techniques like yoga and meditation, learning relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, and more.