The ultimate guide to pocket doors

A pocket door is a great place-protecting answer for just about any house. But as with any door, French door need a little TLC every once in awhile to keep them working correctly. In this particular post, we’ll reveal some tips on how to keep and take care of your pocket door.

1. Check the keeps track of on a regular basis – The songs are exactly what the pocket door slides on. As time passes, they could come to be stopped up with debris and particles, which can make the door to attaching or perhaps not sliding easily. To clean up the tracks, simply use a vacuum having a attachments to vacuum up any grime or debris. Also you can utilize a humid material to wipe down the keeps track of.

2. Lubricate the monitors – An alternate way to maintain your pocket door sliding smoothly is to lubricate the keeps track of frequently. You can use a silicone-structured lubricant or WD-40. Just implement a tiny amount of lubricant to some material and remove it down the duration of the songs.

3. Check the rollers – The rollers are what let the French door to glide easily over the tracks. With time, they are able to grow to be worn-out or broken. Check the rollers on a regular basis for virtually any indications of wear and tear. If you find any harm, make a note of where it really is so that you can substitute that specific roller.

4. Clean the glass – When your pocket door has cup panes, be sure you clean them frequently with soap and water or window more clean. This will assist keep them looking very clear and vibrant.


By using these simple ideas, you can preserve your pocket door in excellent functioning situation for many years to come!